Turn-Key Tubing Means No More Gundrilling on or off Swiss Machines

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Grover Precision, a leading provider of seamless precision tubing and products, has introduced Turn-Key Tubing—12-foot seamless tubing for the manufacture of orthopedic implants and instruments on or off Swiss machines. Grover can deliver tubing exacting customer specifications with drastically reduced lead times. This seamless precision tubing is offered in a variety of materials including Ti-6AL-4V316LVM455/46517-4PHNitinolMP35NL605, and others.
 12-foot cannulated bar.
OD: 0.375” to 2.625”.
ID: 0.138” (3.5mm) and as large as 2.000” (51mm) in full 12-foot length.
Concentricity: .004” TIR.
Small ID Component Parts: ID as small as .039” (1mm) in the piece part configurations, starting at 0.176” OD.


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