Industries We Serve


Our unique capabilities provide endless options for customers seeking a competitive edge. In the realm of medical tubing, we are the manufacturer of the cannulated bar you need for bone nails, bone screws, IM nails, stents and other medical implants.

Precision Tubing Precision Drilling

Aerospace & Defense

Our expertise in producing precision machined products is exceptional. We have the precision tubing and cannulated bar the industry is looking for.

Precision Tubing Precision Drilling

Power Generation

Grover works with innovators across the industry to produce critical parts to exacting tolerances. We’re in the problem-solving business.

Precision Tubing Precision Drilling

Grover Precision produces world-class Cannulated Bar and offers Precision Drilling & Honing services

Grover Precision creates precision tubing and cannulated bar for the Medical, Surgical & Implantable Devices, Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Superconducting, Automotive Injection Molding, Tool & Die, and Commercial Machining industries. We work with the materials you want: Nitinol, Titanium, MP35N, L605, and have the capacity to handle any need, from long-running programs with thousands of parts to one-piece R&D projects. We have spent decades perfecting our proprietary processes to deliver the highest quality products and service to our customers in a diverse range of industries and markets—and it allows us to create the finest tubing in the world faster than anyone, at tolerances long thought impossible.


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