When an international OEM orthopedic implant customer needs a problem solved, how do you solve it?

A large OEM orthopedic implant customer needed to launch an IM Femoral Bone Nail to market very quickly.

      • • The center hole of the bone nail was too long to drill on their Swiss, causing them to add a secondary gundrilling operation.

• The OEM decided to gundrill in-house, requiring additional equipment, operators, floor space, training, etc…

Grover Precision partnered with the OEM to provide 12’ input seamless precision tubing, allowing for the elimination of the secondary gundrilling operation.

      • • Rapid scale-up from initial conversation, ASL approval, validation, and production.

• The customer could now go from our custom tubing to finished part complete.

We were able to solve the OEM’s problem by simplifying the entire process: a one-step solution that cut lead time from nearly two months to one to two days, while cutting costs and ZERO capital expenses. An elegant solution to a potentially huge problem.

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