Not Just Any Cannulated Bar

It’s Precision Redefined by 40 Years of Expertise

Discover Unmatched Precision & Efficiency Aiming to Set a New Standard for the Industry

Why Settle for Ordinary When
You Can Have Extraordinary?

At Grover Precision, we’re redefining what’s possible in the medical manufacturing industry.
Precision-engineered from solid bar stock, and built on 40 years of expertise, we take care to deliver the best with CanBar.

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Unmatched Precision & Quality

Every CanBar product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Unlike traditional cannulated bars made from hollow pipes, our solid bar approach ensures uniform strength throughout, coupled with a surface finish that is ground to perfection. The result? Unparalleled precision that’s not just a goal but a consistent outcome.

A Game Changer in
Your Production Line

Imagine reducing dependency on outside service vendors, slashing lead times, enhancing your production efficiency, and increasing available shop floor space, all while maintaining top-tier quality. CanBar makes it all possible. It’s not just a cannulated bar; it’s a pivotal shift in how precision components are crafted.

Tight Tolerances
for High Performance

With CanBar, compromise is a thing of the past. Our proprietary manufacturing technology allows us to maintain tight outer diameter tolerances and superior surface finishes, ensuring smooth and accurate operation. CanBar’s inner diameter runout – ideal for creating very long components.

Designed for the Innovators

Whether you’re pushing the boundaries of medical device design or looking to streamline manufacturing processes, CanBar is your ally. It’s engineered for designers who dare to innovate and manufacturers who demand excellence without exorbitance.

Cost-Efficiency Meets
High Efficiency

Why choose between cost and quality when CanBar offers both? We’re eliminating the inefficiencies associated with traditional gundrilling, delivering a product that not only excels in performance but also in value. Reduce your material waste, cut down on production time, and say goodbye to long lead times with CanBar’s consistent product length and availability.

Ready to Transform Your Manufacturing Process?

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Why Grover Precision?

At Grover Precision, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding industry standards. Our commitment to innovation and quality has made us a trusted name in precision manufacturing. With over 40 years of expertise, we are the partners you can rely onfor solutions that propel your business forward.

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