Precision Seamless Tubing

The Leader in Precision Seamless Tubing

We can produce 12 ft lengths of precision tubing and cannulated bar with internal diameters as small as 0.170” and Total Runout of 0.004”. It’s the most precise tubing in the world offered in the longest lengths. They said it couldn’t be done; but now you can go from our tubing to finished components off of your screw machine or lathe in a single step. No more need for secondary gundrilling operations. No mill run of material or long lead times required.


View our interactive Precision Tubing Sheet here.

Our unique capabilities provide endless options for customers seeking a competitive edge. In the realm of medical tubing, we are the manufacturer of the cannulated bar you need for bone nails, bone screws, IM nails, stents and other medical implants.
Aerospace & Defense
Quality is your calling card, there’s too much at stake. Your tubing provider is critical to your success. Our precision tubing is the solution. Available in the longest lengths and the tightest tolerances.
Power Generation
Your tubing components have to work day in and day out, no excuses. Time is money and you need the best solution available. Grover’s precision tubing is up to the task.

More About Our Offerings:

Cannulated Bar

We offer Cannulated Bar in a variety of materials with bore tolerances of: +/-.001” ID & 16RMS, and with Total Runout of .004” and below to allow our customers to utilize their valuable machining capacity to efficiently produce a wide variety of precision components with confidence.

Custom Tubing

Our Custom Tubing division is second to none. Whether our customers need low prototype quantities or high- volume production runs, our team and capabilities can provide tubes to their exact specifications.

Advanced Materials

Nitinol, MP35N, L605, Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Molybdenum Alloys and more.

Honed Tubing

Day in and day out we provide world-class honed tubes to our customers. We produce highly precise tubes in lengths over 20 feet, achieving drift and finish tolerances vastly superior to industry standards.

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