Commercial Precision Drilling

Innovation In Gundrilling Since 1983

Since our beginning, the Grover mission has hinged on providing our customers with a partner they can trust and work with to develop solutions for their manufacturing projects. Our team has set the standard as pioneers in the field of gundrilling, innovating new processes to achieve results unmatched by our competitors.

As technology evolves, Grover is uniquely positioned to adapt and fulfill the needs of our customers.


We have the proprietary processes and technology to achieve highly precise tolerances in ALL the material types utilized in the Surgical and Implantable Medical Device Industry.

Aerospace & Defense

From tubing and blanks to castings and even highly machined/finished parts, we specialize in producing the critical bore features required by the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Power Generation

Decades of experience, a broad range of machinery, and custom, precision-engineered tooling position us as an ideal source for the drilling needs for many of the industry’s most challenging parts.

More About Our Capabilities:

Deep Hole Drilling

Our best-in-industry capabilities are the result of decades of innovation in Gundrilling. In lengths ranging from just a few inches up to 26 feet, our proprietary processes offer supreme accuracy with extreme depth to diameter ratios.

Precision Hole Drilling

We work within a diverse range of dimensions and maintain tight positional and size tolerances of internal diameter sizes from .045” to 2.00”.

Custom Tooling

Partnering with many of the foremost manufacturers in critical commercial industries, we often create customized tooling and processes to meet ever-increasing levels of precision.

Critical Requirements

Our partners count on our expertise and creativity to produce parts others may deem impossible to manufacture.